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Rest A little, Sleep More.

Recently, I went on a girls getaway; and by getaway, I mean a weekend trip with my mom and sister. Since my return I find myself less than motivated to jump back into my work flow. Monday morning was the struggle of a lifetime. #theultimate #thebigone I woke up 7:30ish and snuggled up into bed with my 4 year old. She rolled over with a smile and said,

"Mommy, you're home...are we staying home today?"

...after a sigh I told her we had to get on with our day. We laid in bed a little while longer until she finally said,

"Now...now, should we get up mommy?"

Up we went and on with the day. Yes, the grocery shopping was complete, appointments were scheduled, I had a rather easy day--but I felt so exhausted. I remembered what one of mentors told me, and the ultimate rule of real estate and many other businesses, 

"Answer on their time, schedule on YOUR time."---wise words! Seriously...remember that. you can only do so much in a day---it's called being human.

I think some times we fight so hard to stay occupied; whether it's working, exercising, parenting, shopping, and you name it. Even when we need to take a minute to breathe, we push through and never take a second to relax.

With my work, I used to feel like I was not being productive if I was not making the most of my time, I thought I needed to make myself available at all times to be considered "valuable".I'm so thankful I've learned the value of "my time" and without it, I can't possibly be the best for my clients. 

Anyway, I say all this to say--

Take a break when you need a break

Take the day off if you're not 100% (because are you really going to accomplish that much?)

Get Some Zzz's (sleep, you know? ...babies do it and it's good for grown-ups too.)

Be Happy      (smile a little, it won't kill you)

Be Healthy    (do this or lack of will kill you)

A lively you is a happier you.

XOXO The HippiSoul


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