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Little Moon

Driving down the highway headed back home and I can’t help but become overwhelmed with nostalgia. It’s never easy to say goodbye, it’s never easy to leave. This past weekend I spent with my brother, his girlfriend, and their new baby girl. Spending time with my niece, although for such a short time, I’ll cherish those moments forever. At times during the visit I stepped away into the bathroom to cry tears of joy. Pure love and happiness for this new journey, this next chapter in my brothers life. Growing up, six years apart when he was born I felt like it was just as much my responsibility as my parents to take care of him and protect him. The circle of life is forever continuous and though it was hard for all of us the passing of our matriarch my great grandmother, seeing the new addition to our family I appreciate these moments more than anyone could know. Sweet Ayla is the sweetness and the solace we were all seeking. The blessing we were waiting for. I see my own daughter take on the protector role so easily when it comes to her new baby cousin. Reminiscent of my brother and I, such a way that made my heart smile. Mila said to me, “Mommy, I’m going to tell everyone she’s my sister. “ she wanted to be there during diaper changes, feedings, and even helping to carry her around. I know these are moments Mila will always remember. Again, coming full circle, seeing my baby take care of my brothers baby just reminds me so much of our connection when we were little. Gosh I miss them already. Sweet La-la...you are so loved.


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