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Jump Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace

Don't be afraid to dream big! Listen to you instincts... go with your gut. I spent so long, working for corporate America never having the creative freedom I desired, or the opportunities for growth I deserved. I saw all the good I was doing for someone else, helping them achieve their goals-- while mine were pushed to the back burner. I held in my complacency, but deep down knowing I could do so much and being constrained to the "rules" or "traditional practices" was KILLING ME. I continued to receive recognition for my accomplishments within these corporations. I was producing AMAZING results, but I still wasn't fulfilled. I still wasn't making a name for myself. All of my achievements were building THEM a stronger company-- driving THEM. But where did that leave me? In the same position I had been in for several years. All the

while I knew I had the skill and professionalism to be a leader and pursue management opportunities. Then I started thinking, "why do I care?" "Why do I NEED a management position working for the man?" "Why should I spend all my time and energy to produce for someone else? Someone that doesn't even know my name out of all their other 5,000 employees?" I wanted more... I needed more. I took the jump, Mimi works for Mimi, and I couldn't be happier or feel more blessed with the results so far. With all that said, don't ever be afraid to live the life you know you deserve.

XOXO The HippiSoul


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