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For those of you that are still struggling to understand the #blacklivesmatter movement I have a few stories to share with you, that might give you a little more perspective... while not all blacks have experienced police brutality we have experienced systemic racism. We are tired.

Here’s the first..In third grade, I lived in Waterford, CT. I was usually the only black girl in my classroom, and 1 of about 5 blacks in the entire school. A few weeks into 3rd grade my class was introduced to a new kid in my named Nick. One day at recess, we were playing kickball. When it was Nick’s turn to kick, I was in the outfield and caught his ball. For those of you that don’t know, Nick was now out. Being his teams 3rd out, it was now our turn to kick. As we all rushed to change positions Nick intentionally ran into me and yelled, “You stupid black girl!” My friend Lauren yelled, “Stop bring mean to my friend!” I was confused but went on with the game. Later in the game, Nick ran into me again. This time he yelled, “You’re just a nigger!” I immediately told my teacher who sent Nick to the Principal’s office. I remember my teacher asking me throughout the rest of the day “Are you ok sweetie?” I knew what Nick said was a bad thing to call blacks. But at my age I had no idea the magnitude of that word. When I got home I told my parents. We talked and my mother reminded me I was a strong, smart, and beautiful black girl, and anyone who didn’t see that was just ignorant. They told me what Nick said was racist and they didn’t want him in my class anymore. I remember feeling so hurt, but at the same time afraid I would be ridiculed for getting Nick in trouble. I don’t remember if Nick was suspended or if any punishment was really put into place. I just know that day, I became I little more woke. It’s crazy because in 2020 my daughter will be entering the third grade. I look at her sweet face and I can’t imagine a child saying something so hateful. It wasn’t until becoming an adult that I realized that Nick said what he said because it’s what he heard from his parents. Almost like those were terms he was used to hearing at home. I say all this to say teach your children human decency. Teach children to love and not hate. All children are blank canvases, you can chose to create a masterpiece or an abomination. #blm #blacklivesmatter


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