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The Struggle is REAL...

Daily Dealings with Anxiety and Depression

Everyday I’m learning how to manage my anxiety and depression. Somedays are better than others—I’ll just be honest…some days I feel like I won’t make it to noon. Other times I don’t—I can’t even get out of bed. I’ve had someone tell me, “Just get up. It’s that simple.” Well, guess what genius? It’s not that simple—I’m pretty bright…don’t you think I thought about that already? The hardest part is some days I feel on top of the world all day long, get great sleep—and wake up in a funk. I’m not talking the, “She’s got a case of the Mondays.” More like…I can’t do anything, my body hurts, I can’t focus and all I want to do is lay in my pjs and cry. I do try my hardest not to dwell on small mistakes or obstacles. The concept of Failing Forward has changed my way of thinking---like a full 180. I have to take a moment and think… “It’s not that bad.” Instead of sulking in my upset---refocus and get back on track. Like I said, I’m growing each day, trying to appreciate the small things and be grateful for my blessings. It’s just like the ultimate FUCK YOU when all I want is to be happy and healthy and my mind and body are on different wave-lengths. Regardless, I am on my personal mission to mental clarity and happiness. I’m meditating more, which has helped immensely. I’m eliminating toxic relationships from my life…if relationships seem to be more work and less meaningful—ADIOS. I’m mending relationships I gave up on, (which were actually meaningful) because I was just too emotionally detached to realize their worth. I’m working on me and I’m not expecting to change overnight. I just know I’m putting ME first. Anxiety is real. Depression is real. Mental health is EVERYTHING.

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Meditate for atleast 10 minutes a day


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