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Daily Dealings with Anxiety and Depression

Everyday I’m learning how to manage my anxiety and depression. Somedays are better than others—I’ll just be honest…some days I feel like I won’t make it to noon. Other times I don’t—I can’t even get out of bed. I’ve had someone tell me, “Just get up. It’s that simple.” Well, guess what genius? It’s not that simple—I’m pretty bright…don’t you think I thought about that already? The hardest part is some days I feel on top of the world all day long, get great sleep—and wake up in a funk. I’m not talking the, “She’s got a case of the Mondays.” More like…I can’t do anything, my body hurts, I can’t focus and all I want to do is lay in my pjs and cry. I do try my hardest not to dwell on small mistakes or obstacles. The concept of Failing Forward has changed my way of thinking---like a full 180. I have to take a moment and think… “It’s not that bad.” Instead of sulking in my upset---refocus and get back on track. Like I said, I’m growing each day, trying to appreciate the small things and be grateful for my blessings. It’s just like the ultimate FUCK YOU when all I want is to be happy and healthy and my mind and body are on different wave-lengths. Regardless, I am on my personal mission to mental clarity and happiness. I’m meditating more, which has helped immensely. I’m eliminating toxic relationships from my life…if relationships seem to be more work and less meaningful—ADIOS. I’m mending relationships I gave up on, (which were actually meaningful) because I was just too emotionally detached to realize their worth. I’m working on me and I’m not expecting to change overnight. I just know I’m putting ME first. Anxiety is real. Depression is real. Mental health is EVERYTHING.

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Meditate for atleast 10 minutes a day

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I talking with one of my girlfriends about true happiness, we were discussing the ups and downs; our careers, family, and other relationships playing a major role in our happiness. When you really think about it, there are only 2 true attributes to obtain your desired level of happiness; your family and your career. Cut and dry, these are the basics; 


What ever shape or form of a family you have been given, or create can greatly affect your overall happiness. Whether

you're a working professional with one furry baby, a single dad, or a family of four...

Does your family bring you happiness?

Do you and your family support and love one another?

Does your family dynamic consist of toxic behaviors or healthy ones?

Just think about your immediate family or friends for a second.--Do they bring value to your life? Do you look at them and see a reflection of your ideals, morals, etc.? And by no means does that mean they are exactly like you! Diversity is a beautiful thing, but you should compliment each other, ya know? I think at the end of the day, you have to look at who you are spending your time with. Time is valuable and you can't buy more. You should spend your time with people that value your time as much as you value theirs. People ask me how many friends I have...I always say,

"I have 3 best friends."

Yeah, I may know a ton of cool people...I might hang out with several of them, but that doesn't make us "friends". My brother always says,

"You can't be a friend to me, it you're friends with everyone." 

Maintain healthy and meaningful relationships, keeping those around you that build you up and not tear you down.


Love what you do...do what you love.

It sounds so simple doesn't it? But the reality is some of us are over-worked or generally do not like our job. On average, some 100 million Americans were employed full-time in 2010-2012 — and 70 million of them either hated their jobs or were simply "checked out," according to a recent Gallup survey of America's workforce. However, in 2016 88% of U.S. employees reported overall satisfaction with their current job, marking the highest level of satisfaction over the last decade. This jump comes partly from the growth of small businesses all over the U.S. Also the fact that organization behavior and culture have drastically changed. Newer practices allow for more laid-back work environments and moral building happy-hours or team meetings. whoo-hoo!

It doesn't matter if you're working as a stay-at-home-mom (which, by the way is a full-time job), or an executive for a fortune 500 company--does your job bring you happiness? Does your job bring you stress? If you find the bad out ways the good, it's time for a change. We spend more time at work than anywhere else. 

Many of us that are miserable at work try to compartmentalize the issue. If you're like I was, you tell yourself--

"I'm just unhappy at work, I can be happy when I leave to go home."--WRONG.

The anxiety of being miserable at work begins to leak over into your personal, family--ultimately--your happy-time.

Sunday nights turn into the countdown to hell. By the end of family movie night, you're sick to your stomach because Monday morning is around the corner. 

The "always working" mindset

I think this is something all self-starters, go-getters have to get rid of. Who ever said working from 4AM to 10PM makes you more productive or more successful? Money doesn't always equate success. If you're working all the time making over 6-figures but you're miserable, your kids miss you and you never have a break---

Is this happiness?

If you haven't had a vacation in 6 years, is that happiness?

Remove the ''always working" mindset--once you begin telling yourself and everyone else how hard you work, and that you work 60 hours per week (even if it is an exaggeration), you speak it into reality. Even when you are home, you begin bringing work home or constantly thinking about being at work, so even if you're not working it feels like it.

Finding a healthy life/work balance is key; stable relationships and a satisfying career are the perfect recipe for happiness. Don't feel guilty-- drop the dead weigh in your life or make positive changes with regards to family and career, keep in mind happy people live longer...and you deserve to be happy.

XOXO The HippiSoul

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Don't be afraid to dream big! Listen to you instincts... go with your gut. I spent so long, working for corporate America never having the creative freedom I desired, or the opportunities for growth I deserved. I saw all the good I was doing for someone else, helping them achieve their goals-- while mine were pushed to the back burner. I held in my complacency, but deep down knowing I could do so much and being constrained to the "rules" or "traditional practices" was KILLING ME. I continued to receive recognition for my accomplishments within these corporations. I was producing AMAZING results, but I still wasn't fulfilled. I still wasn't making a name for myself. All of my achievements were building THEM a stronger company-- driving THEM. But where did that leave me? In the same position I had been in for several years. All the

while I knew I had the skill and professionalism to be a leader and pursue management opportunities. Then I started thinking, "why do I care?" "Why do I NEED a management position working for the man?" "Why should I spend all my time and energy to produce for someone else? Someone that doesn't even know my name out of all their other 5,000 employees?" I wanted more... I needed more. I took the jump, Mimi works for Mimi, and I couldn't be happier or feel more blessed with the results so far. With all that said, don't ever be afraid to live the life you know you deserve.

XOXO The HippiSoul